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Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Start

To begin with I will show some of what I've said so far that, to my mind, is more or less on-topic.

The first document I will draw from, was the Facebook event description and open invitation for a glorious gathering that occurred in August of 2009 in Mt Desert, ME. My dear friend Ellen and I kinda made it happen, and we named it 'Mani-Fest'. Here, then, is the original Manifest-O:

"Look. Think.
What form do you see that did not start as thought?

(Note that rivers and trees are technicalities, being that they were conceived of by the Higher Mind -- ie Us before this incarnation -- so of course we created what we wanted to find by the time we arrived.)

In cahoots with this spirit, we now endeavor to engage more consciously
in Self-creation. It is our intention that this divine idea be manifested as a gathering: an essential gathering of manifold souls for the purpose of free-form expression
of the all-pervasive Self. In actuality, we seek
to generate the latent joy we intuitively know is resting everywhere,
but dares to expose itself only if the instruments are harmoniously tuned,
if you know what I mean.
So the big idea is basically the genesis of genesis, see?

:A Definition: Manifest, vt, to bring about through force of steady intent;
to create chosen future realities, consciously drawn from the infinite invisible
(the unmanifest); to bring conceptions born in the realm of thought to
fruition in physical reality.

Ellen and I conceived of this thought-form years ago, and diligent
(however scattered) attention has brought it to the brink of reality.
First, Ellen attracted it out of the ether.
Then we thought about it and it grew.
Then we talked about it, infusing it with excited intent.
Now we're writing about it (the heaviest form of talking)
and the enthusiasm is overwhelming.
The thought-form is spreading in depth and breadth,
gaining weight and validity as a probable future with every person who reads this rant.
Actual action is the last thing left.
This is where you come in.

There will be music.
Thus dancing. And chanting.
Thus complete disregard for the so-called quality of the created sound,
for our timbre will be blessed by the intensity of spirit with which we will endow it.
Meaning: play and sing as loud as you like (until 10 pm,
at which point we'll need to be acoustic out of respect for parents and neighbors).
Thus a circle of drummers may gather
deep in the woods to facilitate funky dancing in the dark.
There will be fire. Thus food.
Dawn after dawn after dawn after dawn.
There will be poetry (of this I have no doubt).
Thus release.
Thus blissful elimination of illusory inhibition, a controlled unclenching,
offering up of old, gross and moldy ways of being
that they may be
re-cycled in light
then energetically re-integrated,
thus consciously re-created according to the new mold
(a mold which may in fact be moldlessness).

This is to be,
in every sense of the phrase, a free-for-all.
However, even though money is obviously out of style,
it is still useful in exchange for things like bulk libation and food.
Or, for example, gas money for musicians.
The Golden Rule: please contribute what you can.

Manifest Joy.
Manifest Love.
Manifest Dance!

Manifest Light.
Manifest Peace.
Manifest Fun!

Manifest Mani-Fest!"

And so we did. We painted and danced and stencil-dyed cloth; there was soccer (or footy) and swimming and local supergroovy live music. It was amazing. It was just a start though; I see how in ways we fell short of our vision. It was our first try.

So what I'm inspired to do, is to continue trying. It will necessarily be by proxy to begin, since I am everywhere, but I hope to establish a reliable, semi-permanent meeting place (most likely in or around Boulder,CO) where we can be comfortable, sit, read aloud, drink tea, and sing. And we could do it weekly or more so that we can help us stay focused; be ever-vigilant with where we send our thought-power; and to practice sharing the joy of practice, thereby amplifying its resonant effects.

This is all future speculation.
Next I'll begin with some information samples
Given only the name of Inspiration.

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