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Friday, December 3, 2010


“Whereupon one cannot speak thereupon one must remain silent”

I intend to type on ego, and the process of releasing the fruit of all action.

Inviting process is simple, not easy. To invite process is to be willing to learn the lessons prepared for us in this lifetime; to see every interaction as having been ordained by divine will, regardless of whether our temporarily embodied egos find it pleasing or painful. To be ‘in process’, or ‘in lesson’, means to be consciously working through accumulated karma, focused on releasing the rock in your shoe that is and has been your hindrance, keeping you from moving freely or at close to full speed. Do you know the rock I’m talking about?

We can only cultivate this widest of mind-views when we know for certain that we are, in fact, incarnated by choice, with a chosen purpose. Only then can we go about determining precisely what that purpose is, before we even worry about how to go about accomplishing it. And yet that is the topic of this discourse, for the certainty, determination and accomplishment are necessarily performed simultaneously.

You're reading this message? You are in the right place!
You're stranded in the snow? You are in the right place!
You're celebrating? You are in the right place!

(For more on this, see Lao Tzu, re: do-nothing.)

We are each a chosen person. Meditate on what merit we must accrue before being born human. What complexity of karma, what extensive existential experience we must have that allows us the opportunity to negotiate the warstorm that is a human birth. To be given free will to choose the experiences we feel we need in order to grow, as well as assisting other masked masters along their paths is an enormous boon and a tremendous responsibility.

Now I hear someone saying, “I didn’t choose [insert difficult experience]…” but zoom out. Try to see the lila for what it is. How everyone has their role, and the part of the villain requires equal skill and abandon as that of the hero. Sometimes we are the bitter mistress, others the loony king. Funny how, the beginning and the end are contained in the Fool.

Yes this happens over lifetimes, but within them too. Micro mirrors exactly the macro, remember. We have gathered talents and tendencies across millennia of births after human birth. Many of us on Earth, many not. There are many here specifically now because it is such an exciting time to be alive. Everyone must feel it happening now, no?

Things are not the same. And they never were
or will be. 2012 is happening as we speak. See it?

Each birth demands action. Couch-sitting is also action, however less meritorious than various other potentials. People are empowered when they are consciously aligned with their highest purpose, their Dharma. Some people are just born to be entomologists, and everyone knows it, and it’s proper, and it brings individual then collective joy when that person reveals new wonders about the land of ants. This is how labor turns to service, work to play and job to joy. Dharma: duty or purpose.

From The Bhagavad-Gita According to Ghandi:

"The Bible says, "With the sweat of thy brow thou shalt earn thy bread." Thus bodily labor is our lot in life. It is best then, to do it in the spirit of service and dedicate it to Shri Krishna [or Christ]. Anyone who works in that spirit all his life becomes free from evil and is delivered from all bonds...
"...we should undertake bodily labor to do service. Man simply cannot live without such work. If he had not violated this law, he would not suffer as much as he does, the rich would not have become masters of immeasurable stores of wealth and the millions would not be suffering in poverty. God is a great economist. He is omnipotent. God never stores, for he can destroy and create the universe with a mere thought. He wants us, therefore, to provide only for each day. If we want anything the next day, we must labor for it."

This is a call for Karma yoga. For service in every action. The content of karma yoga differs for each individual according to the tendencies of mind, deeply-engraved vritti's vibrating on a frequency organically guaranteed to attract predictable patterns of experience. Predictable in form, but not content.

This is the source of Astrology. You are not aggressive because your Mars is exalted and conjunct Jupiter (or something); you chose to practice anger and patience, so you chose a time when the rotation of universal energies made such a birth possible.

Tarot and Jyotish are tools. They frame and explain the archetypal patterns of embodiment. As chess pieces positioned by divine strategy, with all the blunders on the board before us, we make none but fateful moves, daring sacrifice and trust in a cruel and pointless game of such compelling beauty that we’re impelled to experiment deep in these densities again and again.

Now the noosphere is ripe for spontaneous evolution. Our hundredth monkey is coming online any moment now. Get your rest, for we are only approaching the tipping point; we are feeling the velocity of the mere outer reaches of the universal whirlpool drawing us up into a more subtle dimension where heavy energy simply cannot penetrate. Think of gears spinning at different speeds, only one is spinning so fast that the slower one cannot even begin to interrupt it. I think that’s what’s happening now, only the speeds are still too similar, imperfectly polarized, and that’s the source of all the sparks.

Seems like December will be a bit of a wild ride. “Hold together with your loved ones and attempt to overcome any difficulties with the gravity of your Collective Force. This force is the basis of organization and continuity whether in a solar system or a love affair.” (from the I-Ching workbook, hexagram 7, Army, or Collective Force)

From Komilla:
"December is a very complicated month where one has to navigate the cosmic disturbances very carefully. This despite the strength of both Jupiter and Venus. Mars Mercury and Rahu are all in Sagittarius and making multiple connections with each other. The energies get into trouble from the moment Mercury conjoins Rahu on 4th December, then Moon joins then on 6th December and Mercury turns retrograde on 10th escalating the already disturbed vibrations. Mars conjuncts with Rahu on 12th making it the most challenging day of the month. Mars Rahu are volatile together and can create wars or terrorists activities. It is best to keep a low profile that day, avoid being in crowds and not undertaking unnecessary travel. The exact conjunction is at 1.36am PST, 4.36 am EST and 9.36am GMT on 12 December. The energy continues to be disturbed as Retrograde Mercury conjoins with Mars on 13th and then with Rahu again on 15th. Gemini, Virgo, Aries, Scorpio can feel this conjunction the most. They need to watch unexpected anger or aggressiveness directed at them but avoid confrontations. On the world stage the Korean situation can easily go out of hand and governments should use their diplomatic skills to not get involved in conflict. USA has Sagittarius Ascendant and all this activity is happening in Sagittarius - they may face some sudden violence and have to watch terrorist activity. It is difficult to be sure where it can tan take place but the agencies concerned should be vigilant. The strength of Jupiter and Venus is protecting this volatility to a large extend. Also read below of how to calm these tough energies."

Where were we?

O right, so who is it that goes on this wild ride? Surely our serene Higher Selves are not perturbed; they offer unerring guidance if we are able to clearly attune to them (who are Us).

Seriously though, why do we decide that we need all this drama? I mean, War? Really? How does attacking others make us safer? Seen essentially, such outbursts are a weakness of ego, a grasping aspect of personality expressing itself in order to expose everyone to lesson. It’s cliché to talk about how those who show the most bravado trying to prove that they’re the biggest bully are precisely those most vulnerable. The same way we all complain about the evil forces in the world, all refusing to take full responsibility for the situation we’ve created for ourselves. We seem to need this traumatic drama as part of the current quantum evolution we are experiencing as a species.
However this will become less and less necessary as the galaxy continues spinning and our underlying vibrations gently skyrocket, allowing us to heal our DNA while becoming more and more conscious of our interconnectedness with the Divine Mother Earth and each other until one day we suddenly behave in such a compassionate fashion that the only potential future shows us living in a Terran paradise. (Self-created, of course).

But that can only happen once we acknowledge our shadow-selves as well. Can we be grateful for the challenges others offer? Understand how each challenge is custom-designed to provoke our awareness in a certain way, inviting us to recite our lines as given or to improvise?
Can we actually treat each other like angels? See each moment as a boon, each action as an offering? If future suffering should be avoided, let’s begin by forgiving ourselves, at which point we can safely move on to learning how to truly love others as Self.

More often than not, when I’m noticing, my lesson is patience.
But other times it’s ACTION.

Anyway, this is where we’re going. A topic is chosen and we close our eyes and run with it, see what we bump into until we’re done and ready to open again, as now.

‎"(69) When it is night for all other beings, the disciplined soul is awake. When all other beings are awake, it is night for the seeing ascetic." -The Gita According to Ghandi

Hafiz sees clearly in the dark:


"I cannot sit still with my countrymen in chains.
I cannot act mute
Hearing the world's loneliness
Crying near the Beloved's heart.

My love for God is such
That I could dance with Him tonight without you,
But I would rather have you there.

Is your caravan lost?

It is,
If you no longer weep from gratitude or happiness,
Or weep
From being cut deep with the awareness
Of the extraordinary beauty
That emanates from the most simple act
And common object.

My dear, is your caravan lost?

It is if you can no longer be kind to yourself
And loving to those who must live
With the sometimes difficult task of loving you.

At least come to know
That someone untied your camel last night
For I hear its gentle voice
Calling for God in the desert.

At least come to know
That Hafiz will always hold a lantern
With the galaxies blooming inside
And that

I will always guide your soul to
The divine warmth and exhilaration
Of our Beloved's

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